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The MAGIC Convention: Gateway to Fashion

Eyes turn to Las Vegas today where the world famous MAGIC convention for fashion kicked off its week of fashion madness. Over 80,000 attendees make it to the convention and is widely known as the most influential show in the fashion industry.

Las Vegas has been home to the MAGIC Marketplace since 1989, and has a rich history in the desert gambling oasis. The MAGIC convention is projected to generate a non-gaming economic impact of more than $611 million over the next 3 years.

The show itself represents an opportunity for brands, manufacturers, marketers, buyers, bloggers, and other trendsetters to gather twice a year. Among these attendees are companies that potentially qualify for the R&D tax credit through a wide range of activities.

Of the various product categories represented (Women, Men, Young Men, Footwear, Accessories and Children’s clothing), the most intriguing in terms of credit opportunities would be represented by the Sourcing category. This is where manufacturing, component, technology and service providers from around the world can showcase their various products/services. Most of which is cutting edge and undoubtedly required significant investment in personnel, design and process development.

Will Chang

William Chang is a Managing Director at R&D Incentives Group with more than 13 years of experience whose primary responsibilities include providing tax credit consulting services to CPAs and their clients, managing RDIG’s relationship with its referral partners, and managing active audits. William has extensive knowledge of federal and state tax credits and incentives and is a frequent guest speaker for CPA firms. Prior to joining the R&D Incentives Group team, William founded The Enterprise Zone Company, a tax credit consulting firm based in Southern California.

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