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Case Study: Digital Media and Advertising

The most difficult companies to execute an R&D study for are those that are in traditionally non-technical industries. This is especially true for the field of digital marketing which has always been perceived as an artistic and business-focused venture and not full of the technical challenges and work based on computer science. However, the landscape of this industry has changed significantly...
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Case Study: Aerospace Manufacturing

Dunlop Aerospace - Executive jet
Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing Number of Employees: 450+ An aerospace component manufacturer was evaluating the opportunity for R&D at their facility located in southern California. There was doubt as to whether ongoing manufacturing issues would qualify for the credit as most designs were finalized and many of their products were just orders to fill. Upon evaluation of their activiti...
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Case Study: Architecture

An architectural firm based in California wanted to evaluate the possibility of generating an R&D tax credit based on their design development work. The firm had roughly 25 employees, most of whom were involved with the development process to varying degrees. Upon review of their time tracking system, the firm was found to be capturing time on all projects, broken out by the standard AIA (Amer...
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Case Study: Civil Engineering

Industry: Civil Engineering Number of Employees: 300+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Design retaining wall structures, foundation and earthwork for unique site conditions Perform calculations and 3D model simulations to ensure proper loading and distribution Perform value engineering to reduce project cost or to leverage better materials and processes Evaluate different designs, materi...
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Case Study: Mechanical Engineering

Industry: Mechanical Engineering Number of Employees: 400+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Design of HVAC, plumbing, piping, fire protection, etc. systems Design and development automated building systems Develop engineering drawings, product specifications, etc. Develop new or improved equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, etc. Research on new applicati...
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