2016 Updates to the R&D Tax Credit

2016 Updates to the R&D Tax Credit Image
2016 Updates to the R&D Tax Credit In December of 2015, Congress permanently extended the R&D tax credit through the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act.  The Act contains several exciting updates to the R&D credit, including offsets to Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and payroll tax for eligible taxpayers.  Beginning in tax year 2016, new businesses and start-up companies ...
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Case Study: Digital Media and Advertising

The most difficult companies to execute an R&D study for are those that are in traditionally non-technical industries. This is especially true for the field of digital marketing which has always been perceived as an artistic and business-focused venture and not full of the technical challenges and work based on computer science. However, the landscape of this industry has changed significantly...
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Case Study: Aerospace Manufacturing

Dunlop Aerospace - Executive jet
Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing Number of Employees: 450+ An aerospace component manufacturer was evaluating the opportunity for R&D at their facility located in southern California. There was doubt as to whether ongoing manufacturing issues would qualify for the credit as most designs were finalized and many of their products were just orders to fill. Upon evaluation of their activiti...
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When Should My Start Up Start Generating R&D Tax Credits

Business chalk sketch
With start ups being all the buzz these days, we get a lot of questions as to when a start up company should start looking at generating R&D tax credit. The big question up until December was, "Will I ever be able to utilize these credits?" Now, that question has become, "When is the ideal time to file?" This is due mostly to the changes that were pushed through that allow companies with less ...
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R&D Tax Credit Becomes Permanent

The end of last week marked an important milestone in the history of the R&D tax credit. On Thursday, the 17th of December, the Tax Extenders bill was approved by Congress after which it made its rounds to the Senate and ultimately to the desk of the President. With the approval of the bill came several huge changes to the R&D credit, all of which are very favorable for taxpayers. The firs...
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