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Case Study: Digital Media and Advertising

The most difficult companies to execute an R&D study for are those that are in traditionally non-technical industries. This is especially true for the field of digital marketing which has always been perceived as an artistic and business-focused venture and not full of the technical challenges and work based on computer science. However, the landscape of this industry has changed significantly...
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Microsoft Research Expands to Include 10 Cutting Edge Projects

Microsoft is trying to change critics' perception that they're not nearly as innovative or tech-driven as counterparts, Google and Facebook. Recent efforts were outlined by CEO Satya Nadella, which represented nearly $10 billion in R&D spending in 2014, while Google's annual budget was about $8 billion. The 'wow' factor is clearly present in the Microsoft research business, one in particula...
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Life After Connecticut’s Reduction of State Research Credit

On June 3rd the Connecticut legislators passed a tax package that severely reduced the amount of state research credit being offered to companies from 70 percent to 50 percent. This comes along with other changes that includes a 15 year limit on utilization (the current limit on the federal credit is 20 years). Recently, Boehringer Ingelheim, a pharmaceutical company based in Germany, released an ...
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Case Study: Wine

Industry: Wine-making Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Improvements to manufacturing and distribution processes Ongoing design and development to subterranean wine cave improvements Evaluating soil, water availability, and ground slopes to assess optimal grape cultivation Investigating method improvements to packaging materials and counter-pressure filling technologies Sustainable energy ...
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Case Study: Apparel Manufacturing

Rolls of brightly coloured fabrics and cloths in a London market. Canon 1Ds Mark 2 file
Industry: Luxury Clothing & Fashion Accessories Number of Employees: 500+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Design and develop new materials to increase the performance/functionality of the products Develop new techniques to treat/process the leathers, woven, knit or non-woven textiles Design new garment and apparel products to improve functionality, performance, etc. Create prototype...
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