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Washington Fails to Renew State Research Tax Credit

When Washington's state research tax credit expired at the end of 2014, it felt as if renewal was just around the corner. After all, with more and more pressure from other nations offering better tax shelters and lower labor costs, "brain drain" was, is and will be one of the biggest obstacles to growth across a wide spectrum of industries. Lawmakers released the state budget on Monday and the cre...
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Case Study: Visual Effects

Industry: Post Production Number of Employees: 500+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: 3D visual effects development Software programming Animatronics Morphing (Time / Visual) Particle graphics creation Mechanical engineering and custom component fabrication Hardware development A post production studio that specializes extremely complex and visually rich rendered video conducted ...
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Case Study: Pharmaceutical Reserach

Industry: Pharmaceuticals Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Formulation development/improvement & Review Laboratory testing Pre-Discovery/Drug Discovery Pre-clinical development Clinical trials Manufacturing process development Failed product/process development projects There are many facets of pharmaceutical research that would qualify for the research and development project ...
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Louisiana Research Credit Gets Nerfed

On July 1st one of the most generous research and development state tax credit programs suffered a huge blow. Louisiana's Department of Revenue released a bulletin (Lousiana DoR) that made a huge change to the way the credit was awarded by making it nonrefundable. Essentially, a refundable credit means even if there wasn't any tax liability to offset, the taxpayer would be awarded the full amount ...
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Case Study: Food Production & Ingredient Processing

Industry: Custom Food Product Development Number of Employees: 500+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Develop recipes and formulations for new food products and flavorings Develop new methods to improve the shelf life of existing products Conduct various testing for flavoring, texture, FDA compliance, etc. Develop new production process for new products or improve production efficiency ...
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