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Microsoft Research Expands to Include 10 Cutting Edge Projects

Microsoft is trying to change critics' perception that they're not nearly as innovative or tech-driven as counterparts, Google and Facebook. Recent efforts were outlined by CEO Satya Nadella, which represented nearly $10 billion in R&D spending in 2014, while Google's annual budget was about $8 billion. The 'wow' factor is clearly present in the Microsoft research business, one in particula...
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Microsoft to offer $500K and HoloLens Dev Kits to Developers

Microsoft announced that they are looking for proposals for academic research on possible applications for their new holographic computing platform, "HoloLens". The move is a strategic initiative to bolster the software development support for what is a bleeding edge consumer technology product. While demos do show the amazing potential of the product, most applications are limited to games and vi...
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Case Study: Visual Effects

Industry: Post Production Number of Employees: 500+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: 3D visual effects development Software programming Animatronics Morphing (Time / Visual) Particle graphics creation Mechanical engineering and custom component fabrication Hardware development A post production studio that specializes extremely complex and visually rich rendered video conducted ...
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Case Study: Apparel Manufacturing

Rolls of brightly coloured fabrics and cloths in a London market. Canon 1Ds Mark 2 file
Industry: Luxury Clothing & Fashion Accessories Number of Employees: 500+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Design and develop new materials to increase the performance/functionality of the products Develop new techniques to treat/process the leathers, woven, knit or non-woven textiles Design new garment and apparel products to improve functionality, performance, etc. Create prototype...
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Case Study: Injection Molding & Specialty Design

Industry: Plastic Injection Molded Components Number of Employees: 400+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Product and process design & engineering Evaluate feasibility and manufacturability of the product designs Determine the proper fixturing and tooling for new products Design new tools and fixturing to machine and inspect unique shape parts Perform first article trial run and fir...
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