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Case Study: Civil Engineering

Industry: Civil Engineering Number of Employees: 300+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Design retaining wall structures, foundation and earthwork for unique site conditions Perform calculations and 3D model simulations to ensure proper loading and distribution Perform value engineering to reduce project cost or to leverage better materials and processes Evaluate different designs, materi...
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Microsoft Research Expands to Include 10 Cutting Edge Projects

Microsoft is trying to change critics' perception that they're not nearly as innovative or tech-driven as counterparts, Google and Facebook. Recent efforts were outlined by CEO Satya Nadella, which represented nearly $10 billion in R&D spending in 2014, while Google's annual budget was about $8 billion. The 'wow' factor is clearly present in the Microsoft research business, one in particula...
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Case Study: Mechanical Engineering

Industry: Mechanical Engineering Number of Employees: 400+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Design of HVAC, plumbing, piping, fire protection, etc. systems Design and development automated building systems Develop engineering drawings, product specifications, etc. Develop new or improved equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, etc. Research on new applicati...
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Case Study: Injection Molding & Specialty Design

Industry: Plastic Injection Molded Components Number of Employees: 400+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Product and process design & engineering Evaluate feasibility and manufacturability of the product designs Determine the proper fixturing and tooling for new products Design new tools and fixturing to machine and inspect unique shape parts Perform first article trial run and fir...
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Case Study: Structural Engineering

Industry: Structural Engineering Number of Employees: 50+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Conceptual development & requirements definition Technical proposal time Value engineering Structural calculations 3D and BIM modeling and simulation Developing alternative engineering solutions Development of detailed design drawings A structural engineering firm was evaluating their ...
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