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Life After Connecticut’s Reduction of State Research Credit

On June 3rd the Connecticut legislators passed a tax package that severely reduced the amount of state research credit being offered to companies from 70 percent to 50 percent. This comes along with other changes that includes a 15 year limit on utilization (the current limit on the federal credit is 20 years). Recently, Boehringer Ingelheim, a pharmaceutical company based in Germany, released an ...
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Case Study: Wine

Industry: Wine-making Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Improvements to manufacturing and distribution processes Ongoing design and development to subterranean wine cave improvements Evaluating soil, water availability, and ground slopes to assess optimal grape cultivation Investigating method improvements to packaging materials and counter-pressure filling technologies Sustainable energy ...
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Case Study: Injection Molding & Specialty Design

Industry: Plastic Injection Molded Components Number of Employees: 400+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Product and process design & engineering Evaluate feasibility and manufacturability of the product designs Determine the proper fixturing and tooling for new products Design new tools and fixturing to machine and inspect unique shape parts Perform first article trial run and fir...
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Case Study: Chemical Research

Industry: Pheromones and Biochemicals Research & Manufacturing Number of Employees: 40+ Commonly Qualifying Tasks: Research on specific molecules and formulations Conceptual development and pre-exploration activities Specific compound research Creation of formulation variants Validation and testing of new formulations Formulation modification A chemical research company ...
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